Design of High Specific Power Stirling Engine

"High Specific Power Stirling Engine" means the engine that generates high power whereas swept volume or engine weight is small.

We always try to aim "High Specific Power" when we design stirling engines.

Why High Specific Power ?
Which kind of engine is High Specific Power Stirling Engine?
Design of TF2RH7 (it got 1st prize at 10th Technorally)
Design of TF2RH6 (it got 1st prize at 9th Technorally)
Design of TF2RH5 (it got 1st prize at 8th Technorally)
Design of TF2RH3 (it got 1st prize at 7th Technorally)
Design of TF2RH1 (it got 1st prize at 6th Technorally)
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